Become a Master Gardener

The Application Process

The process of becoming a Master Gardener begins with gathering information and attending training classes. Typically, training is held once per year. All potential volunteers will:
(1) complete an application and return it to the county Extension office;
(2) have references collected by Extension professionals;
(3) complete an interview;
(4) submit to a criminal history fingerprint record check; and
(5) agree to and sign the Volunteer Standards of Behavior form.

In addition, each potential Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) receives a copy of the
(6) Master Gardener Volunteer Program Policy Statement and
(7) agree to and sign the Master Gardener Volunteer Pest Management Information Policy.

Once you have successfully met the requirements above, the final step is to pay the course fee to participate in the Intern training classes.  In prior years, the course fee has been $250.

There are no intern training classes scheduled at this time. If you have any questions regarding the Master Gardener program, please contact the Master Gardener Office at (330) 830-7700 x 182 or


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