Speaker’s Bureau

The purpose of the Speaker’s Bureau is to provide interesting, accurate, and valuable gardening, agricultural, and horiticultural information to the citizens of Stark County at no cost. Any group or organization may request a presentation.

“Your Master Gardener gave a wonderful and humorous presentation to our library evening meeting. This is a GREAT service.”

– Stark County Friends of the Library

All members of the Speaker’s Bureau are volunteer Master Gardeners who have developed a particular interest, specialty, or expertise on a topic.

These volunteer speakers are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others who may be interested. Each speaker develops the format, length and content of their presentation, which may be tailored to fit with the interests of the requesting organization or group.

“Thanks to Barb for her program on hummingbirds. We look forward to using her tips and to future speakers.”

– Canton Garden Club

Because these presentations are provided by volunteers, they are subject to the individual availability of the presenter.

Presentations by members of the Speaker’s Bureau may be used to:

  • Educate the community
  • Announce events or new projects
  • Train and recruit new volunteers
  • Educate the organization’s members or interns
  • Inspire people to support the local community thru agriculture, horticulture, or gardening
  • Motivate people to donate their time, money, tangible goods or services


For a complete list of available Speaker’s Bureau presentations, click the icon below.


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